Dyslexia Support and Assessment in Lincoln & Lincolnshire

Welcome to Dyslexia Lincs

dyslexia_jigsawDyslexia – from the Greek ‘dys’, meaning difficulty with, and ‘lexis’, meaning words or language – is often referred to as a ‘specific learning difficulty’, meaning that it is not an all-round learning problem, but a particular difficulty with words, in reading, spelling, writing and number work.

boy_reading_4The impact of dyslexia is extensive: everything we do at school and throughout life requires us to have the skills to be able to read fluently and accurately, and if a child cannot learn to read, s/he cannot read to learn.

Above and beyond the difficulties and barriers that dyslexia presents, it is the damage that low self-esteem can cause that is often the most distressing.

However, with the right help and support, strategies to overcome difficulties associated with dyslexia can be learnt and dyslexia needn’t be a barrier to achievement.

The awareness and understanding of dyslexia in schools, at work and in the world in general has improved dramatically in recent years, and an increasing number of schools now have effective processes to identify and help learners with dyslexia from a young age.

However, time, resources and budgets are increasingly stretched, and students who may be suffering from dyslexia can be overlooked by the system and not identified soon enough for effective remedial action to be taken before entering adult life.

Some schools provide excellent additional support for dyslexic pupils, but others may not have staff with the expertise to be able to devise and deliver the type of specialist help that a dyslexic learner needs to fulfil their potential.

tuition_2How Dyslexia Lincs can help

Dyslexia Lincs bridges the gap that can exist between the services provided by an overstretched education system and the expectation of parents of dyslexic learners in Lincoln and Lincolnshire, who may be concerned that their child is either not being identified as dyslexic or, once identified, is not receiving the type or amount of specialist support that they feel is appropriate to their needs.

Dyslexia Lincs gives parents of learners aged 7 to 18 access to a professional ‘second opinion‘ when needed, provides screening and assessment services, and offers specialist tuition to supplement help provided in school.

For older students [of any age] currently undertaking [or applying to undertake] a higher education course, Dyslexia Lincs also provides diagnostic assessment reports for use in applications for Disabled Students’ Allowance [‘DSA’].  Please click here for further information.

Please note that Dyslexia Lincs does not currently provide screening, assessment or tuition services for adults, with the exception of students requiring assessment for DSA purposes.

Dyslexia services in Lincoln & Lincolnshire

The services offered by Dyslexia Lincs are provided by Melanie Stephenson, a highly qualified specialist teacher/assessor with wide experience of working with dyslexic young people in both primary and secondary settings, and of assessing students for Disabled Students’ Allowance.

Services include:

Please have a look around the website to learn more about the services offered, and more about dyslexia in general.  If you do have any concerns about your child in relation to dyslexia or other literacy-related learning difficulty, and would like to arrange an initial discussion please contact us in confidence.

Dyslexia Lincs is based in the Lincoln area, within reasonable travelling distance of Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Grantham, Boston, Spalding, Stamford, Gainsborough, Skegness, Louth, Sleaford, Bourne, Horncastle, Brigg, Market Rasen, Spilsby, Newark, Nottingham, Doncaster and Hull.

Melanie Stephenson of Dyslexia Lincs is registered with, and accredited by, all of the UK’s leading dyslexia organisations including the British Dyslexia Association [associate membership], Patoss [full membership and APC] and professional membership of The Dyslexia Guild [part of Dyslexia Action].  Melanie also holds enhanced DBS clearance.

Following the closure of Dyslexia Action’s regional centres [including Lincoln] in April 2017, Dyslexia Lincs is pleased to welcome new clients seeking to continue a programme of specialist support for their child, or requiring a screening test/assessment.  Please contact us for further information.

Dyslexia Lincs is an independent provider of specialist education services and not part of any national dyslexia network or dyslexia association.

Please note that Dyslexia Lincs is not connected to any local authority or government organisation, and that all services provided are chargeable in accordance with the fees detailed on this website.