Specialist Dyslexia Tuition

Private tutorEnglish is a difficult language to master, even without the additional challenges of dyslexia. This affects the acquisition of literacy skills, and young people can start to lose confidence if they notice they’re not keeping up with their peers. They may or may not respond to certain teachers, which can have a significant impact if they are in primary school and spending most of the day in their care. Each interaction between teacher and student will either increase their self-esteem or decrease it.

Most schools work hard at promoting an inclusive environment, and will try their best to provide additional help and support; however, particularly in the state education system, time and resources are limited, and this – often combined with a lack of specialist dyslexia training – can lead to individual difficulties not being recognised early enough, or insufficient/inappropriate support being provided.

No two people with dyslexia are alike and there are numerous ways in which it can affect learning. The pressure of studying at any level can cause anxiety and lower confidence, and dyslexia can certainly accentuate this if it is not addressed properly. Given the right tools and support, students with dyslexia can learn techniques to improve their study skills, and as a result learn more effectively and in a way that suits them.

tuition_2Dyslexia Lincs provides one-to-one specialist tuition for young people aged 7 to 16 years in Lincolnshire, with sessions precisely tailored to their specific needs. We work closely with you and your child to help build confidence and develop techniques that will help overcome the difficulties that dyslexia can bring.

Each young person will have a preferred learning style – visual, auditory or kinaesthetic – and multi-sensory teaching will enable the use of all channels to consolidate learning. A learner’s strengths will be used as a way of improving weaker areas.  Lessons – usually lasting an hour – consist of a variety of activities to maintain the student’s attention.  A friendly, relaxed approach is used to create a caring, personalised structure to help the student learn and overcome barriers [real or imagined] that they may be facing at school.  Confidence is boosted by keeping students focused on what they need to learn and reducing anxiety generated in areas where they lack understanding.

All young people have unique qualities and our aim is to identify strengths and harness these to develop confidence in learning. We specialise in helping students whose particular learning difficulty can cause challenging behaviour, and provide individual learning programmes that are designed to overcome the underlying issues that may be causing difficulties at school.

dyslexia_eyes_2Some of the many benefits of specialist one-to-one teaching from Dyslexia Lincs include:

    • a learning programme precisely tailored to individual needs and delivered in the preferred learning style;
    • enabling a young person to learn at his or her own speed, and to benefit from techniques created specifically for people with dyslexia;
    • being able to focus on the specific things that s/he is struggling with; and helping him/her prepare for classes at school;
    • getting help with revision, homework or coursework, and developing strategies to deal with problems independently;
    • lessons provided in a friendly, relaxed environment with no distractions – 100% focused on the individual;
    • access to the latest ICT and multi-sensory methods of learning;
    • support provided by a highly experienced, fully qualified, specialist teacher with a detailed knowledge of current education practices and requirements [primary to GCSE];
    • regular reviews and updates for parents, with additional services available if required;
    • and – most importantly – helping the young person learn to enjoy learning!

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For further information about the specialist tuition services provided by Dyslexia Lincs and an informal, confidential discussion about how we can help your child, please contact us.